Direction vs. Photojournalism

Well, first of all lets define both terms. Direction is easy...I tell the members of the bridal parties where to stand, and what to do to take advantage of the best backround and lighting, as well as the feeling I'm looking for in the photo. I want to cover all the bases by doing the traditional photos in combination with the animated version of the same group. Expression is the key element in knowing when to record the image. My belief is that 10-20 years down my clients will appreciate the union of facial recognition in combination with expressions that bring out the personalities of all the important people in the wedding. After 30+ years of photographing weddings I am aware of the fact that I don't have the luxury of waiting for my bridal party to strike that perfect look. I have to make it happen! One of the key elements in direction is knowing every bridesmaids and groomsmen's first name.

I have memorized up to 20+ names in some of my larger bridal parties. Fortunately, most of the typical local weddings I photograph have an average of 4 bridesmaids and the same number of groomsmen. Naturally people respond more quickly and feel special when I call them by their first names. This brings a sense of connection which translates to better expressions and cooperation which ultimately results in less time spent "posing" and more time capturing real expressions.

Photojournalism is what used to be call "candids". This is nothing new as I have always been on the lookout for those spontanious moments. Years of experience have taught me that being in position to capture a special moment is a skill that all good wedding photographers develop. Lets face it, the more natural the image the better!

Many elements come into play when I anticipate that candid look and put myself in position to have the backround and lighting add to the total look of the moment.Needless to say I have to have that camera up and ready to record that we all know within one second that moment is gone!

Ultimately it's the combination of "Directed Photos" with "Photojournalism" that brings together a true Storybook album.